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Zildjian Jazz Wood Tip Sticks

Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Bryan Carter are current well known Zildjian stick endorsees. The Zildjian Jazz Wood Tip stick is amongst the most popular jazz stick around. Made of hickory with a light weight, this model with its small teardrop shape tip makes it one of the best jazz drum sticks around.

The technical details of the Jazz wood tip stick are as follows:

Length: 16", Weight: 544g, Diameter: .54", Wood: Hickory, Shape: Tear drop, Tip Material: Wood

Other Zildjian endorsees include Aaron Spears, Abe Cunningham and Adrian Young.

Zildjian Jazz Wood Natural Small teardrop bead for a range of refined cymbal sounds Technical specifications Category: Hickory Series SKU: JZWN Length: 16 Diameter: 0.54 Wood Type: Hickory Tip Shape: Teardrop Tip Type: Wood Tip Color: Natural Zildjian Drumsticks & Mallets Crafted to the same extraordinarily high standards as Zildjian cymbals, Zildjian drumsticks and mallets simply feel great. Manufactured with state-of-the-art consistency, they are 100% guaranteed straight. Whatever your stick preference or playing style, you'll find the perfect stick among Zildjian's vast selection of sizes, lengths and tip styles. All of our sticks are crafted from the highest quality U.S. Hickory or Maple woods.