Vic Firth

Jazz Brush

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  • Jazz Brush

Vic Firth

Jazz Brush

4 in stock

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Vic Firth Jazz Brush

A retractable wire brush with an infinitely adjustable brush spread capable of maintaining any playing position.

Diametre: .575", Spread: 5"

A 5" spread and extra heavy gauge wire provide maximum coverage and sound. Diametre. = .575" | Spread = 5" Vic Firth offers a variety of alternative implements, designed to deliver a traditional sound or create bold new colors. Each model makes its own musical statement and provides the opportunity for an extensive range of effects.

There are some musical settings where your beloved sticks just won’t do and you’ll need to apply a touch so light that even Rutes and Hot Rods won’t cover. Fear not because Vic Firth have you covered. The Vic Firth Wire Brush is a retractable medium gauge wire brush with an adjustable and maintainable spread.
The world of brushes can seem overwhelmingly vast at times as there is much to learn. Just look at the masters including Peter Erskine, Steve Gadd and Florian Alexandru-Zorn. A great thing about the retractable brushes is you can practice them anywhere as they’re even quieter than sticks tapping on a practice pad. You don’t need a snare drum to practice either, all you need is a trusty magazine. So grab that issue of Rhythm or Modern Drummer and practice your brush chops to your hearts content. It’s a great skill to practice late at night when you don’t want to disturb any flatmates/parents/neighbours/significant others/pets.