Meinl Brush Compact Wire

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  • Meinl Brush Compact Wire


Meinl Brush Compact Wire

2 in stock

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  • Meinl stick & brush compact wire brushes: the metal wires fully retract into the handles without a push/pull rod to let drummers find the correct amount of spread and response need
  • Master the classics: Our Straightforward line of brushes gives drummers and percussionists the tools they need to play the classics, as well as explore new sounds and textures
  • Perfect for matched grip players: with the absence of a push/pull rod, many drummers find more comfort when performing intricate brush patterns
  • Must-have for drummers: with snappy and crisp slaps, as well as lush sweeping tones, These brushes are a must-have in every drummer's Bag
  • Catering to drummers: every model from Meinl stick & brush caters to drummers who are looking to fine tune their voice and get the most pristine sound from their instrument