Memory Lock 3/4" Diameter

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  • Memory Lock 3/4" Diameter


Memory Lock 3/4" Diameter

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Gibraltar SC-ML34 3/4" Diameter Memory Lock Pack of 4

It is always recommended that you check your drum for actual Tom Arm size before purchasing.

Mounting Reference Guide

L-Rod Tom Arm Mounts 12.7 mm arms - Fit most DW, Gretsch, and Gibraltar SC-STL2 and SC-STL3 tom brackets.

Available 12.7mm L-Rod Arms: SC-BALRL, SC-DWLR, SC-LBL, and SC-SLLRM. 10.5mm arms - Fit most Tama, Premier, Pacific, Taye, Ayotte, Roland Electronic pads, current Remo drums.

Available 10.5mm L-Rod Arms: SC-BALRM, SC-LBM, SC-SLRM, and SC-SLR. 9.5mm arms - Fit older Ludwig drums, Gibraltar SC-STL2, SC-STL3, SC-STL4, and tom brackets along with percussion items such as cowbells, synthetic blocks and mountable tambourines.

Available 9.55mm L-Rod Arms: SC-LBS, SC-LRS-1. Tom Arm Mounting Systems 7/8" Diameter Tom Arm Mounts - Fit most current Pearl, current CB, older Mapex sets, and other generic made drums.

Available 7/8" Arms: SC-700HA, SC-78UA, SC-BA78. 3/4" Diameter Tom Arm Mounts - Fit older Pearl, older Sonor, older CB, older Remo, and other generic made drums.

Available 3/4" Arms: SC-600HA Hex Rod Tom Arms Mounts - Fit current Mapex, current Sonor, and older Remo models.

Available Hex Rod Arms: SC-BALRH, SC-HBL, SC-HEXUA, and SC-LRHS-1 Tom Brackets - Gibraltar tom brackets are designed to fit primarily on Gibraltar GTS mounting systems (on mounting plate).

If you plan to mount tom brackets directly on a drum shell, you may need longer screws, depending on the thickness of your shell. Bass Drum Brackets/Receptacles - These are designed to be mounted on a bass drum shell and come with extended length mounting screws, washers and fasteners to accommodate most drum shell thicknesses.

Tom Arms - No other company offers as many options for mounting a drum as Gibraltar. We suggest you consider the following points before purchasing a Gibraltar Tom Arm: • Size and weight of drum to be mounted • Positioning requirements (fixed or moveable) • Attachment point of tom arm (from stand, drum rack, bass drum, or multi-clamp) • Cost of all parts needed to complete system (example: stand, multi-clamp, tom arm and bracket). Choose the most cost effective, physically-secure system.