Nebula Smoke Black Snare 14" x 6"

  • Nebula Smoke Black Snare 14" x 6"


Nebula Smoke Black Snare 14" x 6"

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Supernova 14" x 6" Nebula Acrylic Snare Drum - Smoke Black Finish

Nebula Series Everyone must love the retro look of these stunning looking drums! The Acrylic drum shells of the NEBULA SERIES are around 30% louder than wooden drums and are known to have fewer overtones. We can offer a large range of coloured acrylics and powder coated hardware to create a truly one of a kind kit.

About Supernova

Supernova Drum Co., (formerly Supernova Custom Drums) are based on the island of Jersey, the most southerly island in the British Isles and part of the Channel Islands lying just 14 miles from the coast of France. Following extensive research, we are pleased to offer our customers only the finest drum shells, hardware and extras. We are not like the majority of other custom drum companies, we do not use Keller Shells. We create ONLY bespoke drums that are made to cater for all our customer’s needs. All of our drum shells are 100% truly custom made! We aim to create classic looking instruments that you will not only love to look at and play, but will want to keep forever. Whether you are playing drums in the world’s biggest stadiums or in your own bedrooms, we are committed to treat all our customers, endorsees and future friends equally. Be assured that we are focused on professionally making the best drums that you will ever play! Our customers range from many different nationalities because we are happy to sell our drums worldwide. Our custom snares and drum kits are offered to you in a massive range of choices giving you literally hundreds of alternatives using wood, metal and acrylic shells. We have developed our very own Vortex and Centaur Lugs ™ to give our drums a distinct look and individuality. We don’t just buy off the shelf products and put them together! We like to think we are innovators, not imitators! We aim to change how drums are made to benefit our customers and the drumming community. And we are doing that… One drum at a time!