Pearl Export EXX 6pc Drum kit - Teal Blue Ash

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  • Pearl Export EXX 6pc Drum kit - Teal Blue Ash


Pearl Export EXX 6pc Drum kit - Teal Blue Ash

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Pearl Export EXX 6pc Drum Kit + Hardware - Teal Blue Ash

(Cymbals not included)


22“ x 18“ Bass
10“ x 7“ Tom
12“ x 8“ Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom
16“ x 16“ Floor Tom
14“ x 5.5“ Snare Drum
2 Tom Holders
Introducing the best selling drum set of all time... Export Series.

After 30 years of being the 1 Selling drum set in the world, Export Series is still the name every drummer knows. Having jumpstarted thousands of drumming careers by bringing quality and value into one package, today’s Export continues to build legends. With features like Reference-inspired shell composition, and Pearls unbeatable 830 Series hardware package, Export is ready to fuel the fire for future drumming icons.

Constructed of 6 plies of blended Poplar and Asian Mahogany, which allow the Export’s deeper, richer voice to sing at every attack. Export Series features Pearl’s new Opti-Loc tom mounts, providing 100% stability without restricting resonance. Each Export Series kit comes with a matching 6 ply 14”x5.5” snare drum.


New 830 Hardware Pack (snare stand, cymbal stand, pedal, hi-hat stand), includes Uni-Lock tilters
New 6 Ply 7.5Mm Poplar / Asian Mahogany Shells
New Opti-Loc Suspension Tom Holder
Matching Wood Snare Drum
Wood Bass Drum Hoops
Remo Snare Drum Heads Remo
Clear Tom Heads
Remo Powerstroke Bass Drum Heads

Without a doubt the most sophisticated hardware ever offered on a drum kit at this price. The BC-830 Boom stand,C-830 Cymbal stand, and S-830 Snare Drum stand all feature infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock Tilters for pinpoint positioning. Robust 1” diameter base tubes and 7/8” diameter center tubes with with sturdy double-braced tripods provide exceptional rigidity and stability. The H-830 Hi-Hat stand features swivel legs that accommodate double pedals. The P-930 drum pedal combines the styling and performance of the Demon Drive pedal with the Eliminator interchangeable cam technology for the ultimate in power, speed, and control.