Recording Custom 20"BD 4pc Shell Pack - Surf Green

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  • Recording Custom 20"BD 4pc Shell Pack - Surf Green


Recording Custom 20"BD 4pc Shell Pack - Surf Green

1 in stock

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Yamaha Recording Custom 20"Bd Fusion 4pc Shell Pack - Surf Green Finish

Yamaha has reintroduced its iconic Recording Custom Drum Series. Re-designed in collaboration with acclaimed drummer and Yamaha artist Steve Gadd, the Recording Custom Series has become known as one of the most recorded drum kits in history. Today it returns, packed with a number of new features that build upon the original spec.


  • 20" x 16" Bass Drum (with lifter)
  • 10" x 07" Rack Tom
  • 12" x 08" Rack Tom
  • 14" x 13" Floor Tom
  • Double Tom Mount Included


  • Shell: 100% Birch 6ply (with inner Dark Brown paint)
  • Bearing Edge: 30 degrees
  • Lug: Newly designed Weighted High-tention Lug (One-piece) TT/FT
  • Hoop: Triple Flange Hoop (Steel 1.6mm)
  • BD Hoop: Wood Hoop TT/FT
  • Head: Top: Remo US Coated Ambassador, Bottom: Remo US Clear Ambassador
  • BD Head: Front :Remo Smooth White PS3 with Yamaha Logo , Batter: Remo PS3 Coated
  • Tom Mount: Y.E.S.S. System FT
  • Bracket: Open type
  • BD Leg: Convertible type


Weighted Lug

The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. In order to max-imum the attenuating properties of the birch shell Yamaha have increased the weight of the lug, further enhanc-ing the artist’ s expressive power and reducing undesirable noise from the shell without using a mute. This ensures optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone. This feature in harmony with the thin ply bass drum shell delivers a very impressive sounding bass drum.

100% North American Birch 6 Ply Shell

Yamaha was the first company to use an All Birch shell design for Recording Custom with its familiar punchy sound. Birch reduces the undesirable sounds and prevents interference when the drums are next to each other. The new Design features all 6 Ply 6mm thick for all the Drums including the Bass drum which supports a focused deeper tone.

30 Degree Bearing Edge

While testing many combinations of shells Steve Gadd opted for 30 degree bearing edges, to deliver a sharp response. The shells have a wide tuning range, respond well to different head choices and are easy to tune.

High Gloss lacquer

Yamaha introduced High Gloss Lacquer with the Recording Custom series in 1978, thanks to our specialist know how from our famous Piano craftsman. High Gloss Lacquer finishes create a very durable yet thin finish to maximise the shells resonance and tone. Colours include Solid Black, Surf Green and Classic Walnut along with Real Wood finish which was one of the finishes offered when it was first launched in 1975 finish.

*Cymbals, Snare Drum and Hardware Pack Not Included