Resonant Gong Mallet Set of 5

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  • Resonant Gong Mallet Set of 5


Resonant Gong Mallet Set of 5

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Meinl Resonant Rubber Gong Mallets Set of 5

The MEINL Gong Resonant Mallets are designed to create therapeutic and atmospheric gong sounds, similar to whale-singing. Due to the specially treated rubber balls, higher and lower tones can be achieved from what is normally heard. Use the smaller diameter mallets to produce the higher tones. To achieve the lower tones use the larger ones.

Sizes range from 20mm (0.8”) up to 50mm (2”).

Content each 1x: G-RM-20, G-RM-25, G-RM-30, G-RM-40, G-RM-50

Features: ·

  • Specially treated rubber ball ·
  • Creates therapeutic and atmospheric sounds