Sean Hooper

Sean Hooper B4 Mozart Series Wood Ball

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  • Sean Hooper B4 Mozart Series Wood Ball

Sean Hooper

Sean Hooper B4 Mozart Series Wood Ball

1 in stock

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Sean Hooper B4 'Mozart' Series 25mm Wood Ball Timpani Mallets

The Mozart range.

Are designed for when fast energetic playing with a clear precise tone is needed but the score doesn’t allow for great volume of sound; Mendelssohn “Midsummer Night’s Dream” overture, Beethoven 1st Symphony etc.

HD: 25mm
SL: 355mm
SD: 6mm

About Sean Hooper

All Sean Hooper Pro timpani mallet handles are made from imported bamboo cane and are weighed, measured and knot matched to ensure balance and a matched sound. Each cane receives a total of over 30 processes, and is meticulously finished to the highest possible standard before it is considered ready for the head to be added. The heads are available with either a wood or cork core (shown as c in the coding) as standard, with the smaller size heads having a rounded disc rather than a complete ball centre. This enables the stick to have the right amount of contact area without being too heavy.

The different tonal qualities of the sticks are achieved by the layering of pure lambs wool felt. Using more than one layer, with the layers having differing sizes and thickness, means that there is a great deal of control over the sound made by the stick. The bamboo cane handles are clearly marked, to make the correct selection during play. On each core size, the smallest number denotes the stick with smallest amount of felt covering