The 350 DJ Package

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The 350 DJ Package

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The 350 DJ Package for Hire

Fact of the day: You don’t need to have a degree in DJ’ism to be a DJ. That’s right – anyone can do it.

Okay, obviously there a skills required if you want to take things to the next level, and if you really wanted to do it for a living, then you would have to do a bit of work and get your head around a plethora of tunes. In saying that, the 350 DJ Package is a simple system that you can play CD’s on, stick your USB into, or connect to your phone. The screaming fans don’t need to know your dirty little secret, though, and you can tell them that you spent 30 years mastering your craft.

“But you’re only 33 years old?”

“Yes. Yes I am. But I just love music and I was keen.”

“That’s amazing. I think I love you.”

Our 350 DJ Package is the perfect simple set up for venues and functions of up to 150 people. Perhaps you’re already in a function band and want to offer a little extra to your client. Hey Presto!

  • 2 x QSC K8 Speakers
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Pioneer DJM 350 Mixer
  • Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones

If you need any further info on the 350 DJ Package please get in touch and one of our very friendly team will be happy to help.