Dominic Muldowney

(b. 1952)
Dominic Muldowney studied at Southampton University with Jonathan Harvey, at York University with Bernard Rands and David Blake and privately with Sir Harrison Birtwistle, who invited him to be his Assistant Music Director at the Royal National Theatre, London. He succeeded Birtwistle as Director in 1981 and remained there until 1997. Muldowney was also Composer in Residence to Southern Arts Association (1974-1976) and more recently, between 1996-1998 was Composer in Association to the Orchestra of St John’s Smith Square. It was through is theatre work that his love of Brecht’s poetry was intensified and he has made many settings.  The backbone of orchestral music is an important sequence of concerti (for piano, saxophone, oboe, violin, percussion, trumpet and trombone) many of which explore his fascination with vernacular gestures and polyrhythmic experimentation. Other important works include the Three Pieces for Orchestra (1991), the song cycle Lonely Hearts (1988) and three full-length ballets including The Brontës (1994).

Dominic Muldowney Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Concerto for Percussion

No Timpani + 1 percussion + solo percussionist
5 octave marimba, xylorimba, 4 suspended cymbals, Japanese bell, 5 tom toms, bongos, 2 congas, vibraphone, 4 small drums, pedal bass drum, 2 octaves boo bams, 4 wood blocks. 4 bongos, 4 congas, 2 maracas, 2 orchestral bass drums, 4 pairs claves, 2 suspended cymbal, 8 tom toms, 2 triangles, 2 cabassas

Lonely Hearts

No Timpani + 2 percussion
Vibraphone, glockenspiel, 2 tambourines, boo bams, 2 splash cymbals, 2 temple blocks, 2 wood blocks, 2 drum kits, hi hat, snare drum, pedal bass drum, maracas, claves, 3 Chinese drums

The Brontes Suite

No Timpani + 1 percussion
Snare drum, pedal bass drum, 3 temple blocks, wood block, bongos, triangle,  maracas, cabassa, suspended cymbal, glockenspiel

Three Pieces for Orchestra

No Timpani + 4 percussion
4 claves, 4 cabassas, 4 orchestral bass drum, 8 bongos, 8 congas, 12 tom toms, 8 suspended cymbals, 4 triangles, 2 maracas, 4 temple blocks, 2 wood blocks, 4 glockenspiel

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