Edward Gregson

(b. 1945)
Edward Gregson is one of Britain’s most respected composers; one who writes with a fresh and distinct tonal voice. His unshakable handling of structure and natural melodic lines stand out as two consistent markers throughout his varied catalogue of music. Better known in recent years for his concertos for various instruments, the main thread running through his early career was a series of innovative works for brass. His Brass Quintet (1967) won him one of the five composition prizes he received from the Royal Academy of Music, London. Within this period came the Tuba Concerto (1976), undoubtedly now a worldwide repertoire standard with subsequent versions for both symphony and wind orchestra. The concerto genre best exemplifies Gregson’s ability to write works of intense dramatic contrast – the inherent oppositional relationship between soloist and ensemble being mirrored in the music itself. The outstanding Clarinet Concerto (1994) is a substantial work constructed in two large symphonic sections.

Edward Gregson Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Make a Joyful Noise

Timpani + 3 percussion
1) glockenspiel, antique cymbals, 2) vibraphone, snare drum, clash cymbals with coin, 3) tambourine, suspended cymbal, tam tam, tubular bells, orchestral bass drum


Timpani + 5 percussion
Orchestral bass drum, 2 snare drums, 2 tam tams, 3 wood blocks, tubular bells, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, triangle, 3 suspended cymbal, 4 tom toms

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