Gottfried von Einem

(1918 - 1996)
Gottfried von Einem was the son of a military attaché and was educated abroad in Germany and England. He studied composition with Boris Blacher in Berlin and his first ballet, Princess Turandot, won him post of composer to the Dresden State Opera. His experimental ad * Radical use of jazz elements in the Concerto for Orchestra led to conflict with the Nazi authorities * After the war, closely associated with the rejuvenation of the Salzburg Festival * Operas, including Dantons Tod, Der Prozess, Der Zerrissene and Der Besuch der alten Dame, soon brought recognition as Austria's leading composer, and rapidly attracted international performances * Orchestral music conducted by the twentieth century's leading maestros including Karajan, Furtwängler, Böhm, Ormandy, Sawallisch, Giulini, Dohnányi, Ozawa and Mehta

Gottfried von Einem Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Der Besuch der alten Dame (The Visit of the Old Lady)

Timpani + 3 percussion
Tambourine, clash cymbals, suspended cymbal, snare drum, tenor drum, orchestral bass drum, tam tam, gong, triangle. On-stage: station bell, firebell

Violin Concerto op. 33

Timpani + 1 percussion

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