Henri Dutilleux

(b. 1916)
Dutilleux was born the grandson of organist and composer Julien Koszul in 1916. His third Prix de Rome cantata, L'anneau de Roi, won the Premier Prix in 1938, but the outbreak of war curtailed his award. It was during the war that Dutilleux began to stake out his reputation as a composer in works such as the Sonatina for flute & piano (1943) and the song Chanson de la deportée (1945). At war's end Dutilleux took a job as a producer for the ORTF (French public radio) that he kept until 1963. In this capacity his unit sponsored "radiophonic" pieces by Pierre Schaeffer, Antonín Artaud, and others. As a composer, Dutilleux elected to stay in the background, working hard and patiently waiting his turn. Among the artists who have had works written for them by Dutilleux are cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, the Juilliard String Quartet and violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter.

Henri Dutilleux Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

L'arbre des Songes

Timpani + 5 percussion + celeste
2 suspended cymbal, 2 tam tams, 3 tom toms, 3 bongos, snare drum, bamboo canes, tubular bells, 2 octaves crotales, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone - celeste

Sur le même accord

Timpani + 2 percussion
2 suspended cymbal, tam tam, 3 bongos, 2 octaves crotales, glockenspiel, marimba

The Shadows of Time

Timpani + 4 percussion + celeste
Triangle, 2 suspended cymbals, clash cymbals, 2 octaves crotales, Chinese gong, 3 tam tams, 3 tom toms, snare drum, wood chimes, wood block, temple blocks, whip, glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba - celeste

Tout un Monde lointain

Timpani + 5 percussion
3 tom toms, marimba, glockenspiel, 2 suspended cymbals, 2 x tam tams, snare drum, 2 x gongs, 2 x triangles, bongos, A nat crotale, xylophone

Violin Concerto

Int'l 32/32/29/26/23 Prem 32/30/28/25/22.5
5 percussion
3 tom toms, 2 x snare drums, 2 x suspended cymbals, tubular bells, glockenspiel, low octave crotales, vibraphone, 2 x tam tams, clash cymbals

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