Kurt Weill

(1900 - 1950)
Kurt Julian Weill was a German composer, active from the 1920s, and in his later years in the United States. He was a leading composer for the stage who was best known for his fruitful collaborations with Bertolt Brecht. With Brecht, he developed productions such as his most well known work The Threepenny Opera, a Marxist critique of capitalism, which included the ballad "Mack the Knife". Weill held the ideal of writing music that served a socially useful purpose. He also wrote a number of works for the concert hall, as well as several Judaism-themed pieces.

Kurt Weill Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Happy End

No Timpani + 1 percussion
Tubular bells, small drum kit, splash cymbal, wood block, orchestral bass drum (flat), tam tam

Seven Deadly Sins

Timpani + 2 percussion
Orchestral bass drum, tam tam, 3 tom toms, suspended cymbal, snare drum

Threepenny Opera

No Timpani + 2 percussion
Small drum kit, wood block, 3 timpani, tubular bells

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