Léo Delibes

(1836 1891)
Léo Delibes was born on February 21st 1836 in Saint-Germain-du-Val, France abd died on the 16th January 1891 in Paris. He was a French opera and ballet composer who was the first to write music of high quality for the ballet. His pioneering symphonic work for the ballet opened up a field for serious composers and his influence can be traced in the work of Tchaikovsky and others who wrote for the dance. His own music—light, graceful, elegant, with a tendency toward exoticism—reflects the spirit of the Second Empire in France. Delibes studied at the Paris Conservatoire under the influential opera composer Adolphe Adam and in 1853 became accompanist at the Théâtre-Lyrique.

Leo Delibes Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Coppelia - Complete Ballet

Timpani + 5 percussion
1) snare drum, glockenspiel 1, 2) triangle, glockenspiel 2, 3) clash cymbals, 4) orchestral bass drum, 5) finger cymbals (Act 2 only)

Coppelia - Suite

Timpani + 4 percussion
1) snare drum, 2) triangle, 3) clash cymbals, 4) orchestral bass drum

Roi S'Amuse

Timpani + 1 percussion

Sylvia - Suite

Timpani + 3 percussion
1) triangle, snare drum, 2) clash cymbals, 3) orchestral bass drum

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