Mark Adamo

(b. 1962)
Mark Adamo has written both scripts and scores to the operas Lysistrata, or the Nude Goddess (2005) and Little Women, which Houston Grand Opera introduced in 1998 and revived in 2000 and which has since gone on to over thirty-five engagements in cities including New York, Minneapolis, Toronto, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Fort Worth, Knoxville, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Nagoya, Japan. Little Women, after the Alcott novel, was acclaimed as one of’s Ten Best Opera Releases of 2001, and further praised as a “masterpiece” by the New York Times in its East Coast debut by New York City Opera in March 2003.

Mark Adamo Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Alcott Music (from Little Women)

No Timpani + 1 percussion + celeste
Tubular bells, F#, G, G#, A, B, glockenspiel, small ratchet, snare drum, small suspended cymbal, small tam tam, timpani, vibraphone, celeste

Four Angels - Harp Concerto

Timpani + 3 percussion + celeste
Glockenspiel, xylphone, marimba, F# tubular bell, 2 octaves crotales, brake drum, bell tree, small tam tam, 2 gongs, 3 Chinese opera gongs, 2 suspended cymbals, triangle, snare drum, orchestral bass drum, conga, guiro, sand paper blocks, 5 temple blocks, wood block, vibraslap, whip, tambourine, celeste

Overture to Lysistrata

Timpani + 2 percussion
Anvil, brake drum, 5 congas, glockenspiel, marimba, small snare drum, small suspended cymbal, small tam tam, 5 temple blocks, triangle, vibraphone, whip, xylophone

Prepositions and the Names of Fish

Timpani + 3 percussion + celeste
5 temple blocks, large tam tam, castanets, brake drum, snare drum, xylophone, tambourine, sandpaper blocks, orchestral bass drum, vibraslap, small suspended cymbal, bell tree, glockenspiel, triangle, small gong, whip, guiro, high wood block, vibraphone, Chinese opera gong x 3, conga

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