Meredith Monk

(b. 1942)
Meredith Monk has single handedly pioneered an entire genre of musical expression. Beginning with the vocal techniques she discovered in the mid-1960s, Monk's work soon came to incorporate theatrical elements, movement and a poetic sensibility that is contemporary and utterly timeless. She has created more than 100 works in genres ranging from vocal solo and ensemble concerts to opera, film, recordings and site-specific pieces. Meredith Monk received a MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Award in 1995 and was honored with a three-concert retrospective by the Lincoln Center Festival in 2000. She has been named Musical America's 2012 Composer of the Year.

Meredith Monk Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements


No Timpani + 3 percussion
Puillis sticks, African clackers, Balinese clackers, castanets, bongos, small tambourine, medium tom tom, sandpaper blocks, orchestral bass drum, tam tam, glockenspiel, xylophone, kodo drum

Possible Sky

No Timpani + 4 percussion
Xylophone, marimba, 2 vibraphone, tubular bells, glockenspiel, 2 octaves crotales, roto toms, medium tam tam, orchestral bass drum, 2 alto kalimbas, snare drum, almglocken, triangle, thundersheet

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