Poul Ruders

(b. 1949)
Poul Ruders was born in Ringsted, Denmark on March 27, 1949. His early studies in piano and organ led eventually to studies in orchestration with the Danish composer Karl Aage Rasmussen. Ruders's first compositions date from the mid-60s. Ruders regards his own compositional development as a gradual one, with his true voice emerging with the chamber concerto, Four Compositions, of 1980. Writing about Ruders, the English critic Stephen Johnson states: "He can be gloriously, explosively extrovert one minute-withdrawn, haunted, intently inward-looking the next. Super-abundant high spirits alternate with pained, almost expressionistic lyricism; simplicity and directness with astringent irony."

Poul Ruders Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements


Timpani + 4 percussion
2 sets tubular bells, 4 Balinese gongs, 3 snare drums, 2 glockenspiels, xylophone, 4 octave vibraphone, vibraphone, tambourine, clash cymbals, 2 octaves crotales, 2 Chinese gongs, 2 tam tams, 2 bell plates, wind chimes, bass bow, Japanese wood block, flexatone, deep snare drum

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