Unsuk Chin

(b. 1961)
Unsuk Chin was born in 1961 in Seoul, Korea. She began to teach herself piano and music theory at a very early age and subsequently studied composition at the Seoul National University with Sukhi Kang. Chin appeared as pianist at the Pan Music Festivals. In 1984 her composition Gestalten (Figures) was selected for the ISCM World Music Days in Canada and in 1986 for the UNESCO ‘Rostrum of Composers.’ In 1985 Chin won the first prize of the Gaudeamus Stichting with Spektra for three celli. In 1985 she moved to Europe when she received a DAAD grant to study in Germany and until 1988 took composition lessons in Hamburg with György Ligeti who encouraged her to look beyond the aesthetics of the current avant-garde. Since then, Unsuk Chin has lived and worked in Berlin. In 2004 Unsuk Chin won the prestigious Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition for her Violin Concerto.

Composition timpani and percussion requirements


No Timpani + 1 percussion
Timpani, tam tam, clash cymbals, 2 tom-toms, tambourine on a stand, guiro, antique cymbals, triangle, mouth harmonica, glockenspiel, vibraphone, snare drum, small triangle, marimba, xylophone

Alice in Wonderland (opera)

Timpani + 4 percussion + 4 percussion offstage + celeste
Glockenspiel, marimbaphone, 5octave marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, vibraslap, tuned cowbells C4-C6, 4 triangles, 8 suspended cymbals (3 small, 3 medium ,2 large), 3 tam-tam (sm,med,lg), sand paper blocks, 3 tom toms, 3 tambourines, 3 pairs maracas, 4 referees whistles, nightingale effect, 5 high temple bells, guiro, 1 wine glass, 2 high metal blocks, castanets, alarm clock, 6 snare drums, 2octaves crotales, bell plates A,E,F, 4 chromonica(Bb,C,D,E), finger cymbals, 3 sistrums, 2 suspended cymbals, orchestral bass drum, 8 bottles, small ratchet, 3 whips, wood wind chimes, bell tree, metal grates x 2, Thai gongs Bb2,C3, siren, flexatone, wind machine, anvil effect, timbales, bamboo shaker, 2 trash tins, 20 tuned wine glasses, 15 forks, 15 spoons, small metal pots x 5, 3 metal rattles, auto-horn, tubular bells, 2 low pitch bass bells, 2 thunder sheets (sm,lg), 2 pairs bongos, swanee whistle, glass wind chimes, lions roar, celeste. Offstage: clash cymbals, piccolo snare drum, trash tin, 3 metal pots, thunder sheet

Cello Concerto

Timpani + 4 percussion + celeste
3 suspended cymbals, 2 guiros, 4 high metal blocks, 10 bottles, 5 snare drums, 3 tom toms, 9 triangles, orchestral bass drum, claves, 2 octaves crotales, glockenspiel, maracas, marimba, gong, sand box/ and sand effect, sand paper, chocola, tambourine, tam tam, 5 temple bells, tenor drum, thunder sheet, tubular bells, vibraphone, whip, xylophone, celeste


1 Percussion

Fine and medium sandpaper, vibraphone, cencerros F3 - F6, small cymbal

Die Troerinnen

No Timpani + 2 percussion + celeste
1) vibraphone, clash cymbals, antique cymbals, glockenspiel, marimba, tambourine, triangle, tubular bells 2) timpani, gong, xylophone, snare drum, tom tom, triangle, celeste

Double Concerto

No Timpani + 1 percussion + Solo Percussion
1) glockenspiel, lithophone, antique cymbals, 5 Javanese gongs, bottlephone, 4 metal blocks, hand bells, triangle, 3 clash cymbals, 3 tam tams, 2 timbales, tambourine, snare drum, orchestral bass drum, 2 temple blocks, claves

Solo Percussion
Vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, 6 cowbells, tubular bells, Japanese temple bells, handbells, tenor drum, 3 tom toms, timpani

Fantaisie mécanique

No Timpani + 2 percussion
1) tambourine, 2 timbales, 3 tom toms, tenor drum, orchestral bass drum, 3 timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, tubular bells, large triangle, 3 suspended cymbals, 2 tam tams, (large and small), thundersheet large 2) tambourine small, 2 bongos, 3 small drums, tenor drum,, orchestral bass drum, 3 timpani, glass chimes, Steinspiel, 2 triangle (small and medium) 3 suspended cymbals, tam tam medium, thundersheet medium, glockenspiel, marimba


No Timpani + 7 percussion + celeste + harmonium
Glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, antique cymbals, tubular bells, 6 cowbells, small triangle, 4 suspended cymbals, 4 tam tams, 3 thundersheets, Javanese gongs, small tambourine, 3 snare drums, 2 timpani, orchestral bass drum, sistrum, glass chimes, sleigh bells, 3 temple bowls, guiro, metal ratchet, maracas, temple blocks, celeste, harmonium

Miroirs des temps

Timpani + 6 percussion + celeste + harmonium
Vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba, 2 triangles, (small & very small), finger cymbal, antique cymbals, 3 suspended cymbals, 3 tam tams, 4 Javanese gongs, 6 cowbel, piccolo snare drum, timpani, orchestral bass drum, tubular bells, bell plates, celeste, harmonium

Piano Concerto

Timpani + 3 percussion + celeste
Xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, antique cymbals, lithophone, 2 triangles, 2 suspended cymbals, 2 tam tams, maracas, 4 wood blocks, glass wind chimes, 6 cowbells, tubular bells, 2 bell plates, tambourine, 4 bongos, small tom tom, 3 snare drums, tenor drum, timpani, orchestral bass drum, celeste


Timpani + 4 percussion + celeste
2 anvils, orchestral bass drum, 5 octave marimba, cencerros chromatic, 2 octaves crotales, clash cymbals, 3 suspended cymbals, (s/m/l), 2 dobachi, glass chimes, glockenspiel. hi hat, 2 Japanese temple bells, 5 Javanese gongs (pitches: C#2, D2, A2, Bb2, G#3), sleigh bells, lithophone, maracas, marimba, mark tree, 4 metal blocks, sandbox (fine), 3 snare drums, (s,m,l), 3 tam tams, (s,m,l), 2 triangles, (s,m), tubular bells, vibraphone, whip, xylophone, celeste


No Timpani + 3 percussion + celeste
I) triangle, 2 clash cymbals, (m,l), tam tam large, tuned cowbells, C4-C5, glockenspiel, marimba, 2) tambourine, 3 snare drums, orchestral bass drum, clash cymbals small, finger cymbals, 6 bottles 3) xylophone, harmonic, siren, 2 trash cans, triangle, timbales(sm), glass chimes, 18 wine glasses, 15 forks, 8 spoons, 5 small metal casserole dishes, celeste

Violin Concerto

Timpani + 5 percussion + celeste
Glockenspiel, 2 vibraphones, xylophone, 2 marimbas, lithophone, antique cymbals, tubular bells, cowbells C4-C6, small triangle, small clash cymbals, 3 suspended cymbals, large thundersheet, metal block, small tambourine, guiro, claves, celeste


No Timpani + 2 percussion
Orchestral bass drum, 3 tam tam, 3 suspended cymbals, 2 Javanese gongs, bell plates, small triangle, large thundersheet, guiro, 4 temple blocks, glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, bass xylophone, lithophone


No Timpani + 4 percussion
Tubular bells, vibraphone, bin sasara, bamboo chimes, 2 Javanese gongs, guiro, snare drum, tambourine large, Japanese temple bell large, orchestral bass drum, tam tam large

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