Zoltan Kodaly

(1882 - 1967)
Zoltán Kodály, the Hungarian composer and educationalist, pioneered the reintegration of folk material into 20th century music. He studied Hungarian and German at Budapest University and composition and teaching at the Academy of Music. In 1905 he started field trips collecting folksongs with Bartók, a lifetime friend and in 1907 travelled to Paris and was greatly influenced by Debussy's music. Kodaly was appointed professor at the Academy of Music from 1907 to 1940. Kodaly's first public performances were in 1910 at a concert signalling the birth of new Hungarian music. After the fall of the Hungarian republic in 1919, Kodaly was stripped of his teaching positions for two years and musically isolated. His international career was rekindled in 1923 with success of Psalmus Hungaricus. His music has been championed by conductors such as Toscanini, Mengelberg, Ansermet and Furtwängler. From 1925 Kodaly further developed his educational activities, revolutionising the teaching of singing and sight reading. In the 1930s he composed orchestral showpieces including the Peacock Variations and Concerto for Orchestra. 

Zoltan Kodaly Composition Timpani and Percussion Requirements

Dances of Galanta

Int'l 32/29/26 Prem 32/30/28 (BUT optional hi 'A' in the last bar)
2 percussion
Glockenspiel, snare drum, triangle

Harry Janos

Timpani + 6 percussion
Glockenspiel, xylophone, tubular bells + low Bb, orchestral bass drum, clash cymbals, tam tam, triangle, tambourine, snare drum, suspended cymbal

Peacock Variations

Int'l 32/29/26/23 Prem 32/30/28/25
2 percussion
Glockenspiel, triangle, clash cymbals, orchestral bass drum

Psalmus Hungaricus

Timpani + 1 percussion
Clash cymbals, suspended cymbal

Symphony No 1

Timpani + 2 percussion
Triangle, clash cymbals

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