We have literally every type of cymbal you can think of to hire including Crashes, Rides, Splashes, Hi Hats, Chinas, Clashes,Ice Bells and Turkish Cymbals ranging from 6” – 24” in a wide variety of styles. We also have cymbal packs for rental which include 2x crashes 1x ride and 1x hi hat with all hardware included.
China Cymbal
Bell Music China Cymbal for Hire
Clash Cymbals
Bell Music Clash Cymbals for Hire
HHX Evolution Cymbal Pack
Bell Music Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal Pack for Hire
Bell Music Hi-Hats for Hire
Ice bell
Bell Music Ice Bell for Hire
Ride Cymbal
Bell Music Ride Cymbal for Hire
Silent Cymbal Pack
Bell Music Silent Cymbal Pack for Hire
Sizzle Cymbal
Bell Music Sizzle Cymbal for Hire
Spiral Trash
Bell Music Spiral Trash for Hire
Splash Cymbal
Bell Music Splash Cymbal for Hire
Suspended Cymbal
bellperc Suspended Cymbal - bellperc.com
Turkish Cymbal
Bell Music Turkish Cymbal for Hire
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