We offer a wide range of furniture and orchestral equipment including stools, stands and lights.
Acoustic Screen
Bell Music Acoustic Screen for Hire
Bass Stool
Bell Music Bass Stool for Hire
Clearsonic Sorber Panels
Bell Music Clearsonic Sorber Panels
Conductors Rostra
Bell Music Conductors Rostra for Hire
Conductors Stand
Bell Music Conductors Stand for Hire
Drum Stool
Bell Music Drum Stool for Hire
Folding Chair
Bell Music Folding Chair for Hire
Lit Rat Stand
Bell Music Lit Rat Stand for Hire
Manhasset HD Music Stand
Bell Music Heavy Duty Music Stand for Hire
Mighty Bright Music Stand Light
Bell Music Mighty Bright Music Stand Light
Music Stand Light
Bell Music Music stand light for Hire
Orchestral Chair
Bell Music Orchestral Chair for Hire
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