DW Collectors Series Drum Kit

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  • DW Collectors Series Drum Kit


DW Collectors Series Drum Kit

1 in stock


Drum Collectors Series Drum Kit for Hire


The Collectors is DW's flagship kit and we are very lucky to have one here at Bell Percussion. The kit has an eye catching red sparkle finish and really is a thing of beauty. If you want that famous DW sound then look no further!

We have just given our Collectors a make over! It now features Evans Hydraulic Heads on the toms and a UV1 coated head on the snare. These heads have a thin layer of oil between the two plies to surpress overtones.. and they don't look too shabby either.

Our Collectors Series comes in the following set up:


22" kick drum

14" floor tom

10", 12"  rack tom

14" x 5" snare

The included cymbal pack consists of hi hats, ride and 2 cashes. You'll see in the pictures our new range of Zildjian cymbals all available to hire with the kit for an extra fee. Cymbals listed below...

14" K Custom Dark hats

19" & 20" K Dark Thin crashes

18" A EFX

20" Crash of Doom

18" Oreintal China Crash

21" A Sweet Ride

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss hiring this kit or need any further information.