Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer

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  • Bell Music Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer for Hire


Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer

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Roland Jupiter 80 Synthesizer for Hire

Since the launch of the JUPITER-80, many professional keyboard players and producers have praised the expressive SuperNATURAL sounds and live-performance capability of the JUPITER-80. Now with a Version 2 software update, the JUPITER-80 offers new features that enhance its synthesis power, and provides more flexibility and creativity for musicians designing their own sounds. The JUPITER-80's expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible with multi-layered SuperNATURAL textures under the control of a full-colour touchscreen and creative hands-on controllers.

The SuperNATURAL sound engine constantly analyses the player's natural keyboard performance to produce continuous authentic performance of the selected sound - all without altering the player's normal keyboard technique. These meticulously crafted SuperNATURAL instruments, now under the control of behaviour modelling, provide the most authentic acoustic playing experience for live performances and studio recordings.

Past, Present, and Future Sound

The JUPITER-80 synthesizer nods to its past with lethal, multi-layered SuperNATURAL synthesizer tones so fat you'll need a knife to cut through it, but that's only the beginning of what this powerhouse synth will do. Gigging musicians will love the stockpile of essential sounds onboard, including Roland's famous SuperNATURAL grand pianos, strings, brass, and much more. and much more. The JUPITER-80 synthesizer puts a fast-access user interface under your fingers-a dream for live performance. Its heavyweight design, complete with metal side panels, recalls the legendary JUPITER but with a modern twist.

Tone Blender

You will love the deep possibilities of the stackable SuperNATURAL architecture and unique features such as Tone Blender, which tweaks values of multiple parameters simultaneously and lets you "Capture" any new combination and save it as a Live Set. Create complex, emotional textures that respond, react, and evolve like nothing you've heard before. Tone Blender can also dramatically enhance your live-performance capabilities by letting you assign its multiple parameters to controllers such as the D Beam. Powerful Live Sets Featuring
Four-Tone Structure and Registrations: The JUPITER-80's sound engine handles four x tones with dedicated DSP per tone as a basic unit "Live Set" for manual performance. Layering of Upper and Lower Live Sets, plus a specialised "SOLO" part, means the incredibly massive nine-tone-stack sound. Customized complex settings can be saved as Registrations, and easily recalled during live performance.


* Powerful integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds
* Single Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizer-stack four of these to create a mind-blowing "Live Set"
* Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performance
* Fast, friendly operation with intuitive front panel and colour touchscreen optimised for live performance
* 76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices (varies according to sound-generator load)
* USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea capture
* Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface
* Keyboard: 76 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
* Maximum Polyphony: 256 voices
* Parts: 4 parts (Upper, Lower, Solo, Percussion)
* Display: Graphic Color LCD 800 x 480 dots (touch screen)
* D Beam Controller
* Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
* Assignable buttons (S1, S2)
* Assignable knobs (E1--E4)
* Effects Live Set (Upper/Lower part): Multi-Effects (MFX): 4 units (parallel connection only), 76 types per each Upper/Lower (total: 8 units)
* Reverb: 1 unit, 5 types per each Upper/Lower (total: 2 units)
* Effects Solo part/Percussion part: Compressor + Equalizer + Delay: 1 set per each Solo/Percussion (total: 2 sets)
* Reverb: 1 unit, 5 types
Master Effects: 4-Band Equaliser: 1 unit

Dimensions: Before Flightcase
* Width: 1,231 mm, 48-1/2 inches
* Depth: 439 mm, 17-5/16 inches
* Height: 140 mm, 5-1/2 inches