Bell Percussion are the tuned percussion specialists. We are constantly updating our hire fleet with new and exciting instruements including the Scaffaphone, Xylorimba, Taxi Horns, Boobams, Bottlephone, Church Bells, Sixxen and Toy Piano
bellperc Aluphone -
American in Paris Taxi Horns
bellperc American in Paris Taxi Horns -
bellperc Balafon -
Bass Bell Plates
bellperc Bass Bell Plates -
Bass Steel Pans
bellperc Bass Steel Pans -
Bell Plates
bellperc Bell Plates -
bellperc Boobams -
bellperc Bottlephone -
Caisa Drum
bellperc Caisa Drum -
Canna Sonora
Canna Sonora
Cello Steel Pan
bellperc Cello Steel Pan -
Church Bells - C & G
bellperc Church Bells - C & G -
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