Please see below for a selection of our other drums available to hire including everything from Gathering Drums, Gong Drums and Geophones to Talking drums, Tapans and Tribal Drums. All drums for rental come with cases and specialist mallets where required.
40" Gathering Drum
Bell Music 40" Gathering Drum for Hire
Bell Music Bodhran for Hire
Clay Bongos
Bell Music Clay Bongos for Hire
Cocktail Drum
Bell Music Cocktail Drum for Hire
Custom Coloured Drums
Bell Music Custom Coloured Drums for Hire
Floor Tom
Bell Music Floor Tom for Hire
Frame Drum
Bell Music Frame Drum for Hire
Bell Music Geophone for Hire
Monkey Drum
Bell Music Monkey Drum for Hire
Bell Music Octobans for Hire
Pedal Bass Drum
bellperc Pedal Bass Drum -
Pedal Roto Tom
Bell Music Pedal Roto Tom for Hire
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