A selection of some of the other gongs we have available to hire include Bali Gongs, Opera Gongs, Temple Gongs, Wind Gongs, Gamalan Gongs and Dream Gongs. All Gongs include specialist stands, mallets and cases. Gong racks are available upon request.
36" Chinese Flat Gong
bellperc 36" Chinese Flat Gong - bellperc.com
44" Chinese Flat Gong
bellperc 44" Chinese Flat Gong - bellperc.com
51" Chinese Flat Gong
bellperc 51" Chinese Flat Gong - bellperc.com
Balinese Gongs
bellperc Balinese Gong - bellperc.com
Chinese Opera Gongs
bellperc Chinese Opera Gongs - bellperc.com
Gamelan Gongs
bellperc Gamelan Gong - bellperc.com
Temple Gong
bellperc Temple Gong - bellperc.com
Wind Gong
bellperc Wind Gong - bellperc.com
Wuhan Gong
bellperc Wuhan Gong - bellperc.com
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