We have an enormous range of stands and accessories for hire for all your musical instruments including cymbal stands, snare drum stands, tam tam stands, bongo stands, conga stands, trap trays, music stands, bass drum pedals and everything racks as well as microphone stands, music stand lights and metronomes.
Acoustic Shield
bellperc Acoustic Shield - bellperc.com
Baroque Timpani Stand
bellperc Baroque Timpani Stand - bellperc.com
Bass Bow
bellperc Bass Bow - bellperc.com
Bass Drum Pedal
bellperc Bass Drum Pedal - bellperc.com
Bass Drum Stand
bellperc Bass Drum Stand - bellperc.com
Bongo stand
bellperc Bongo stand - bellperc.com
Boom cymbal stand
bellperc Boom cymbal stand - bellperc.com
Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner
Bell Music Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner to Hire
Cajon Pedal
bellperc Cajon Pedal - bellperc.com
Clarinet Stand
bellperc Clarinet Stand - bellperc.com
Clash Cymbal Stand
bellperc Clash Cymbal Stand - bellperc.com
Coat Rack
bellperc Coat Rack - bellperc.com
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