We have sets of Tubular Bells as well as individual notes to hire including sets from Yamaha and Musser and a full range of single notes from E3 – B6, bass bells from C3 – E5 as well as Piccolo Bells. All Tubular Bells come with specialist stands and mallets.
Bass Tubular Bells
bellperc Bass Tubular Bells - bellperc.com
Musser Tubular Bells
bellperc Musser Tubular Bells - bellperc.com
Piccolo Tubular Bell
bellperc Piccolo Tubular Bell - bellperc.com
Piccolo Tubular Bell Set
bellperc Piccolo Tubular Bell Set - bellperc.com
Single Tubular Bells
bellperc Single Tubular Bells - bellperc.com
Tubular Bell Bass Extension set F3 - B3
bellperc Tubular Bell Bass Extension set F3 - B3 - bellperc.com
Yamaha Tubular Bells
bellperc Yamaha Tubular Bells - bellperc.com
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