Fender Jazz Bass Guitar

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Fender Jazz Bass Guitar

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Fender Jazz Bass Guitar for Hire

The American Standard Jazz Bass is the same sleekly versatile, best-selling instrument it has always been, and it's now upgraded with Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass single-coil pickups and a striking new Jade Pearl Metallic finish option. It's the latest incarnation of their timeless, must-have bass hit, and it now sings, snarls, grooves and growls more powerfully than ever.

The Jazz Bass

Sleek and supercharged with dual pickups, a slim neck and a curvaceous offset waist, the Jazz Bass has ruled the world of electric bass ever since Fender introduced it at the dawn of the 1960s. Its versatile and unmistakable tone, effortless feel and race car performance make it the number-one instrument of choice for bassists of all stripes and styles worldwide.


Fender welcomed a new decade by introducing a deluxe bass guitar model called the Jazz Bass in 1960. With dual pickups, it complemented the seismic boom of the Precision Bass with singing high end a deeply satisfying guttural snarl. Its sleekly offset body and slim, fast neck made the Jazz Bass a veritable race car of an instrument, and it has ruled the electric bass world ever since.

Offset Waist

The Jazz Bass features a sleek and comfortable offset-waist body.

Slim, Fast Neck

The Jazz Bass's slender neck is a hallmark of the model, enabling an even surer grip and ideal for playing with even greater speed and finesse.

Dual Pickups

The Jazz Bass is long prized for the distinctive voice created by its dual pickups—a punchy, guttural growl with singing high end.