Hartke KM200 Keyboard Amp

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Hartke KM200 Keyboard Amp

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Hartke KM200 Keyboard Amp for Hire

The KM200 is the perfect solution for just about any keyboard player who needs a flexible mix/monitor system to handle a sophisticated instrument rig and who demands a high-quality amplifier that faithfully reproduces the sound, nuances and soul of their performance.

The KM200 achieves this goal by delivering a solid 200 watts of power driving a classic Hartke 15-inch aluminum cone low frequency driver. For increased high frequency performance, there's also a 1-inch titanium compression driver.

Enclosed in an innovative kickback cabinet, the KM200 provides a powerful, full-range 2-way professional monitoring system. For added versatility, it can even be used as a monitor system for electronic drums. For players with multiple keyboards and sound modules, an additional mixer isn't needed because the KM200 has one built-in.

The mixer features a stereo input with 2-band EQ and mic input, as well as three additional stereo inputs, giving the player a total of four stereo channels, plus a stereo aux in, advanced signal routing and special headphone monitoring capabilities. In fact, you'll have independent control of local, PA, and headphone monitor mixes.

The KM200 also features a powerful 7-band graphic equaliser allowing one to set a customised frequency response contour that's perfect for the player's sound.  Convenient casters make the KM200 easy to transport and solid construction makes it a reliable performer from night-to-night and venue-to-venue. WIth professional performance and exceptional versatility, the KM200 will offer power to spare and tone to bring the house down.

200 watt, 4 channel keyboard amplifier

Innovative Kickback™ 2-way enclosure

15" aluminum cone woofer

1" titanium compression driver

4 stereo channels (8 inputs) including 1 Mic input

7-band graphic EQ

Independent Local, PA, and Headphone bus section