Mark Bass Big Bang Bass Amp

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Mark Bass Big Bang Bass Amp


Mark Bass Big Bang Bass Amp for Hire

Just over a decade ago, Marco De Virgiliis started pioneering small, lightweight amps; the Markbass Little Mark heads started a new era in bass amplification, inspiring many other companies to follow their lead.

Now, you'll be amazed that such a warm, rich and “explosive” sound comes from an amp smaller than our groundbreaking Little Mark heads! Despite its small size—the Big Bang is packed with extra features that players enjoy: aux in, headphone output with level control, plus mute and VLE and VPF filters with footswitch control. Other features, already appreciated by Little Mark users, include a simple and effective 4-band EQ, effects loop, and level control and pre/post EQ switch for the XLR DI output.



Input: impedance 2 mohm, max. voltage 15 vpp

Aux in: impedance 33 kohm, max. voltage 10 vpp

Effect return: impedance 33 kohm, max. voltage 10 vpp



Master volume

Line out level

Headphone level control

Ground lift (switch on rear panel)

Pre/post eq (switch on rear panel)

Mute (footswitch)


Low: center frequency: 40 hz; level: ±16 db

Low mid: center frequency: 360 hz, level: ±16 db

High mid: center frequency: 800 hz, level: ±16 db

High: center frequency: 10 khz, level: ±16 db

Filter section (with footswitch):

Vpf (variable pre-shape filter): center frequency 380 hz

Vle (vintage loudspeaker emulator): frequency range 250 hz-20 khz


Line out: balanced xlr, max. voltage 20 vpp

Effect send: unbalanced, max. voltage 20 vpp (pre-eq)

Tuner out: unbalanced, max. voltage 2 vpp

Speaker out: speakon/1/4" combo, jack 1/4"

Headphone out