Orange OB1-500 Bass Amp

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  • Bell Music Orange OB1-500 Bass Amp for Hire


Orange OB1-500 Bass Amp

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Orange OB1-500 Bass Amp for Hire

For years bassists have been combining guitar and bass amps to remarkable effect, adding harmonics and layers of overdrive from a guitar amp to their core bass tone in pursuit of the ultimate live sound. This ‘bi-amp’ trend got Orange thinking… Why drag two amps to the show when you could take just one? The result is the OB1 Series of class A/B rack mountable bass heads which take care of this and much more besides.

The key to the OB1’s unique sound is their footswitchable blend circuit which adds a veneer of controllable gain and increased harmonic content to the upper registers of the input signal. The lower frequencies and clean signal are left alone, staying warm and clear just as they would be in a ‘bi-amped’ setup. Depending on where the gain and blend controls are set, the possibilities are limitless. Punch in the blend control to achieve anything from a transparent clean boost, to all-out filthy grind and everywhere in between.

OB1-500 shares the same layout and 2U rack dimensions as the less powerful OB1-300, coupled to a full fat 500 Watt output section to move some serious air.




The OB1 splits the input instrument signal into two separate paths. One side amplifies the clean signal, with all the clarity one would expect from Orange. The other adds stages of gain to the upper harmonics only, controllable via the amp’s gain knob. These two elements are combined using the amplifier’s blend control which adjusts the mix between clean and dirty. The blend control can then be remotely engaged or defeated using the optional footswitch.

The gain and blend’s range allows for almost anything, from a subtle level boost to cut through the mix, added girth and presence at moderate settings to fatten up chorus passages, to fully saturated savagery at the extremes.



The OB1’s highly responsive active three band EQ has been meticulously voiced for maximum effect with minimal fuss. The EQ section is located after the gain and blend dials take effect, allowing full control over their massive sonic range. The bass and middle controls feature +/-15dB of boost or cut, whilst there is a range of +/- 20dB on the treble control.



The OB1 Series puts proper class A/B power back on the map. All circuitry is completely analogue, ensuring these amps sound expressive and musical even at ridiculous gain levels.



The OB1 Series are their first rack mountable amps, suitable for 19″ cases (2U). Enclosed in a rugged power coated steel chassis the fascia is finished in their classic ‘pics only’ styling.


Balanced DI with ground lift and line level outputs for live and studio use.