Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp

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  • Bell Music Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp for Hire


Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp

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Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp for Hire

The KC550 boasts 180 watts of powerful sound via a 15-inch speaker and horn tweeter. In addition to its four input channels, this flagship amp includes an Output Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination, a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment and an XLR Line output for direct connection to a mixing console.

Flagship keyboard amplifier with powerful 180-watt/15” speaker and horn tweeter.

Output Select feature and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment

3-band EQ and Subwoofer output compatible with new KCW-1

XLR Line output for connection to mixing consoles

Stereo Link In/Out for chaining two KC550s for stereo applications


Up to 4-Channel Mixing:

KC-series amplifiers feature a flexible mixing section designed with the performing musician in mind.

Their flagship models feature up to four stereo inputs, and KC amps include a Microphone input and stereo Auxiliary input for connecting CD players.

Stereo Link Capabilities:

The KC550 and KC350 include Roland’s Stereo Link feature for chaining two amplifiers. Using a single cable, one can connect two KC amps for true stereo sound while controlling them both from the amp nearest you on stage.

Made for the Road:

KC amps are built for life on the road. All models have built-in handles for easier transportation (the KC550 also includes casters) and a rugged design with heavy-duty carpeting, protective edges and an all-metal grille.