Our African drums and instruments to hire include traditional West African drums such as the Djembe and Bougarabou, to the more obscure tribal drums such as the Petia and Aburukua, to tuned instruments such as the Mbira and Kalimba and not forgetting the wonderful sounds of the Udu and the Berimbau. African drums for rental come with cases, mallets and stands where required.
Aburukua Drum
Bell Music Aburukua Drum for Hire
African Agogo Bells
Bell Music African Agogo Bells for Hire
African Bean Rattle
Bell Music African Bean Rattle for Hire
Apentema Drum
Bell Music Apentema Drum for Hire
Bell Music Atumpan for Hire
Bata Drum
Bell Music Bata Drum for Hire
Bell Music Berimbau for Hire
Bell Music Bougarabou for Hire
Bell Music Caxixi for Hire
Djembe Drum
Bell Music Djembe Drum for Hire
Djembe Set of 32 Meinl Drums - Pop Off Heads
Bell Music Djembe set of 32 drums for Hire
Djun Djun
Bell Music Djun Djun for Hire
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