Our wide range of hand percussion available to hire includes everything from Castanets, Coconuts and Cabassas to Sistrums, Sleighbells and Slapsticks. We have every type of hand percussion for rental you can think of and can accommodate requests for unusual sizes and configurations. Cases, stands and mallets included.
bellperc Cabasa - bellperc.com
bellperc Coconuts - bellperc.com
Egg Shaker
bellperc Egg Shaker - bellperc.com
Finger Cymbal Machine
bellperc Finger Cymbal Machine - bellperc.com
Finger Cymbals
bellperc Finger Cymbals - bellperc.com
bellperc Flex-a-tone - bellperc.com
bellperc Guiro - bellperc.com
Handle Castanets
bellperc Handle Castanets - bellperc.com
Jam Block
bellperc Jam Block - bellperc.com
Jingle Stick
bellperc Jingle Stick - bellperc.com
Machine Castanets
bellperc Machine Castanets - bellperc.com
Nut Cluster
bellperc Nut Cluster - bellperc.com
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