Our extensive range of Latin percussion to hire includes popular instruments such as Bongos and Congas to the more unusual Triple Bongos (Trongos) and Metal Claves. We also offer the LA Box and the LA Box Deluxe which are a small and large selection of the most popular Latin percussion instruments for rental.
Agogo Bells
bellperc Agogo Bells - bellperc.com
bellperc Bongos - bellperc.com
bellperc Congas - bellperc.com
bellperc Conguitas - bellperc.com
bellperc Cowbell - bellperc.com
Granite Blocks
bellperc Granite Blocks - bellperc.com
LA Box
bellperc LA Box - bellperc.com
LA Box Deluxe
bellperc LA Box Deluxe - bellperc.com
bellperc Maracas - bellperc.com
Metal Claves
bellperc Metal Claves - bellperc.com
Reco Reco
bellperc Reco Reco - bellperc.com
bellperc Timbales - bellperc.com
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