Our Metal FX percussion to hire includes obscure items such as Spring Coils, Brake Drums, Thunder Sheets and the Musical Saw. All include specialist stands and mallets where applicable.
bellperc Anvil - bellperc.com
Anvil Effects
bellperc Anvil Effects - bellperc.com
Brake Disc
bellperc Brake Disc - bellperc.com
Brake Drum
bellperc Brake Drum - bellperc.com
Bronze Thunder Sheet
bellperc Bronze Thunder Sheet - bellperc.com
Canna Sonora
Canna Sonora
bellperc Chains - bellperc.com
Exhaust Pipe
bellperc Exhaust Pipe - bellperc.com
Jerry Can
bellperc Jerry Can - bellperc.com
Metal Blocks
bellperc Metal Blocks - bellperc.com
Metal Dustbin
bellperc Metal Dustbin - bellperc.com
Musical Saw
bellperc Musical Saw - bellperc.com
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