Our professional quality Glockenspiels to hire include 2.5 octave models from Yamaha and 3 octave models from TPL as well as Pedal and Keyed instruments. Glock mallets also available upon request.
3 octave Keyed Glockenspiel
bellperc 3 octave Keyed Glockenspiel - bellperc.com
Keyed 2.1 octave Glockenspiel
bellperc Keyed 2.1 octave Glockenspiel - bellperc.com
Pedal Glockenspiel
bellperc Pedal Glockenspiel - bellperc.com
TPL 3 octave Glockenspiel
bellperc TPL 3 octave Glockenspiel - bellperc.com
Yamaha 2.5 octave Glockenspiel
bellperc Yamaha 2.5 octave Glockenspiel - bellperc.com
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