Our Wood percussion to hire includes tuned items such as Anklung to wooden percussion such as the Cajon, Wood Block, Log Drum, Temple Block and the infamous Mahler Hammer.
bellperc Anklung - bellperc.com
Bamboo Log
bellperc Bamboo Log - bellperc.com
Big Bom
bellperc Big Bom - bellperc.com
bellperc Binsasara - bellperc.com
bellperc Cajon - bellperc.com
Cajon Pedal
bellperc Cajon Pedal - bellperc.com
Floor Wood Drum
bellperc Floor Wood Drum - bellperc.com
Log Drum
bellperc Log Drum - bellperc.com
Mahler Hammer & Block
bellperc Mahler Hammer & Block - bellperc.com
Mounted Wood Drum
bellperc Mounted Wood Drum - bellperc.com
Single Bongo
bellperc Single Bongo - bellperc.com
Temple Block Single
bellperc Temple Block Single - bellperc.com
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