The extensive Bell Percussion Sound FX to hire selection has literally every type of weird and wonderful instrument you could think of, including Air Raid Sirens, Boat Horns, Frog Guiros, Popguns, Tavolettes, Wash Boards, Wind Machines and Wine Glasses. We also have the tools, materials and imaginations to create sound FX for anything else you can think of.
100 Metronomes
bellperc 100 Metronomes -
Alarm Clock
bellperc Alarm Clock -
bellperc Branches -
bellperc Brick -
Broken Glass Effect
bellperc Broken Glass Effect -
Bull Roarer
bellperc Bull Roarer -
Car Battery
bellperc Car Battery -
Cardboard Box
bellperc Cardboard Box -
Cat Collar Bell
bellperc Cellophane -
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