Our Asian drums and instruments include traditional Indian instruments such as the Tabla and the Dhol drum, and traditional Japanese instruments such as Hand Drums and Hyoshigi. Asian instruments come with cases, mallets and stands where required.
Bell Music Ching Ching for Hire
Davul Drum
Bell Music Davul Drum to Hire
Dhol Drum
Bell Music Dhol Drum for Hire
Bell Music Hyoshigi for Hire
Japanese Hand Drum
Bell Music Japanese Hand Drum for Hire
Japanese Wind Glocken
Bell Music Japanese Wind Glocken for Hire
Japanese Woodblocks
Bell Music Japanese Woodblocks for Hire
Nagara Drum
Bell Music Nagara Drum to Hire
Ramwong Drum
Bell Music Ramwong for Hire
Bell Music Tabla for Hire
Tambora Drum
Bell Music 11" Tambora for Hire
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