We have a huge range of Trees, Chimes and Jingles for hire including Mark Trees, Key Trees, Plastic Chimes, Bamboo Chimes and the Jingling Johnny. These items all come with specialist stands where applicable.
Bamboo Chimes
bellperc Bamboo Chimes - bellperc.com
Bamboo Wind Chimes
bellperc Bamboo Wind Chimes - bellperc.com
Bell Tree
bellperc Bell Tree - bellperc.com
Glass Chimes
bellperc Glass Chimes - bellperc.com
Jingling Johnny
bellperc Jingling Johnny - bellperc.com
Key Tree
bellperc Key Tree - bellperc.com
bellperc Lagerphone - bellperc.com
Mark Tree
bellperc Mark Tree - bellperc.com
Metal Wind Chimes
bellperc Metal Wind Chimes - bellperc.com
Mug Tree
bellperc Mug Tree - bellperc.com
Pin chimes
bellperc Pin chimes - bellperc.com
Plastic Chimes
bellperc Plastic Chimes - bellperc.com
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